This site contains the thoughts and conclusions and journeys of the Patterson family — Jeff, Kari, Dutch + Heidi — who have experienced the front-end of God’s amazing grace, and continue to delight in His unfailing love.

For six years our family blog has been deTheos.com. What began as a domain for hosting our email and a spot to toss up some theological ideas has gratefully morphed into a place to commune with God in public space. I sincerely hope you leave this space thinking less about me and more about Jesus. He is the Hero of the world, and He is everything to me. I love getting to be a minor character in His big Story. You and I are living in a subplot of that Story. Are you trying to be the hero? Repent of trusting in yourself, and believe the good news of God’s Son Jesus. He is more satisfying than we can ever imagine. (Plus, living life for one’s self is exhausting and ultimately pointless.)

// what is deTheos? »
The two Greek words de (‘but’) and Theos (‘God’) are the first two words of Ephesians 2:4: ‘But God, who is rich in mercy…’

Because of God’s great love and grace extending to us in Jesus Christ, we are forgiven, redeemed and able to know, love + enjoy God more fully, ever-increasing and forever.


  • See Kari’s writings at karipatterson.com, where you’ll find Godward writings in a more refined and literary form.